Do guns kill people?

Do guns kill or do people kill? The debate continues in light of recent events and the answer remains elusive for us – as a society.

Criminals will always seek to have their own way at the expense of everyone else. Whether these malcontents steal with a pen or a gun, the damage they cause to their victims means little. But we have a right to protect ourselves, don’t we? If the recent shooting in Colorado had occured in a theatre in which some of its patrons were armed I dare say the outcome would have been much different. Lives would have been saved.

In a world where guns will always exist, it makes little sense to disarm those who are respectful of others. They (we) are not the problem. The issue isn’t the availability of guns. The issue is centered on the type of society we want. We have moral choices to make. Retracting the circle of deceny to make room for indency isn’t the answer.


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